The Shire

Little do the Hobbits living in the Shire know that the great wizard Gandalf (better known for his fireworks, among other things) is fiercely trying to protect their home along with the Rangers of the North who also believe it is worth trying to save such a unique area. The town of Bree is located at the crossing of the East and North roads, on the eastern border of the Shire. It has grown up against a forest set upon a hill and contains many different peoples. Both Men and Hobbits call Bree home, and even a few travelling Dwarves have been known to stop at the local Prancing Pony Inn. This is a public house, owned by Barliman Butterbur, who offers accomodation and ale to both locals and travellers who stop for refreshments, tales and songs.


Elves are the oldest people living in Middle-earth and are also the most beautiful. When it comes to crafts they are very talented and also love stories and songs. It was the Elves who created the original three Rings. Now, as the Third Age draws to an end, the Elves time is too coming to a close. Many have already left over the sea to the Grey Havens. Even so, some Elves still remain, in Northern Mirkwood, Lothlórien, and here in Rivendell. This is the ancient safe-house of the Elves, where their power is used to protect against evil and danger.


It can be found in a deep valley in Eastern Eriador at the base of the Misty Mountains. Elrond Half-Elven is its Master and it is at the Council of Elrond that the fate of the One Ring is decided and the Fellowship of the Ring is formed. The Fellowship are forced into the mines of Moria after suffering the wrath of Saruman on the summit of Caradhras. At the entrance to the mines there is a riddle which must be solved, however upon entering the mines they are not treated to the lavish welcoming ceremony that Gimli promised them. Instead bones litter the floor showing that they are no longer mines, but tombs. Yet when the nine turn to leave they are greeted by The Watcher, a great creature living in the lake outside the entrance.