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The Shire is located in the North-Western corner of Middle-earth, in a part of the Shire known as the West Farthing. There the small village of Hobbiton can be found. Hobbiton is inhabited by small folk calling themselves Hobbits (they are also known to outsiders as 'hole-dwellers'). They have lived in the Shire for hundreds of years and they existence is little known of in the wide world outside of their peaceful countryside. Hobbits themselves are little over four feet tall and reside in rounded houses built into the grassy hills of the Shire.

A Hobbit's favourite past time is probably eating, this they do frequently and in great amounts. Hobbits are cheerful, peace loving creatures who would much rather settle down with some good pipe weed and a pint at the Green Dragon than go off on some absurd adventure, like a certain Bilbo Baggins. Hobbiton is as safe and secure as it has ever been and the innocent hobbits dwelling there have no idea of the danger growing in Mordor in the East, and although strangers such as Dwarves and Elves can occasionally be seen travelling on the Shire's outskirts the Hobbits know little of the outside world.

Facts you don’t know about Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings trilogy is one of the most influential cinematic projects of all time. What started as a minor idea of screening J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic novels quickly became a point of reference for all the fantasy-themed productions that followed. The trilogy went on to win an impressive collection of awards including 17 Oscars and over $3 billion worldwide. Even today, fans of the movie gather their friends and escorts from EROS in large audiences to watch the full saga in one sitting that lasts 12 hours.

The Lord of the Rings initially had only 2 parts

When the Lord of the Rings project first reached the Miramax studios, it was nothing but a mere retelling of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy stories. Nobody truly believed in its success and the first screenwriters that worked on the adaptation had a 2-part movie in mind. After being sold to the New Line Cinema studios, the production budget was substantially increased and other writers were assigned to the project. This company is famous for acting as a sort of New York escort for major movie projects and it completely backed the entire rethinking process.

The original LOTR cast was completely different

It might seem weird now, but the Lord of the Rings cast could have been completely different. Imagine Sean Connery as Gandalf, Nicholas Cage as Aragorn, Jake Gyllenhaal as Frodo and Jack Black as Sam - one of his faithful hobbit escorts. These were the initial actors who the producers sent scripts to. Fortunately, Sir Connery did not understand the plot, Cage refused it and the others lost the auditioning contest.

An interesting case was the one of Russell Crowe, who was one of the first choices to play Aragorn. Peter Jackson envisioned the Australian actor as the ideal depiction of Tolkien’s famous warrior. However, Crowe had just finished playing The Gladiator, a sensational box-office success for that time and refused to be identified as a sword-wielding cliché character. Instead, he retreated to the United States where his New York escort got him a role in the future Oscar-winning movie A Beautiful Mind.

Sean Bean’s fear of flying delayed filming

One of the most awkward reasons for filming delays on the LOTR set was Sean Bean’s fear of flying. The movie includes many scenes filmed at high altitude in the mountains of New Zealand. To reach these locations, the entire cast had to be flown there by helicopter. Sean Bean, who plays Boromir, has a tremendous fear of flying. Therefore, he had to climb the mountains by foot, accompanied only by a few escorts from https://www.eros.com/. This process took around 2-3 hours out of the daily filming schedule.

Frodo could have been a mad murderer

In the first version of the script, Frodo was much more violent. His temper would often lead to conflicts with his hobbit friends and he would brutally murder Gollum in the end. Fortunately, screenwriter Fran Walsh was advised by his New York escort to rewrite the character into a more childish, positive figure.

A crucial scene never made the final cut

The ending scene of the first part of LOTR had a much more entertaining ending. The action had to take place on a rampant river where the main characters are ambushed by a band of orcs and their escorts. Unfortunately, at the time of the filming a massive flood destroyed the set in Queenstown, New Zealand, and the scene had to be re-shot in the nearby woods.